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Sabah - BANGGI
Voters Turnout Spoilt
N1 - BANGGI 9,861 7,257 (73.6%) 256
Name Party Votes Majority
Abd Mijul Bin Unaini UMNO 4,293 3,239
Jae-Ly Bin Medong SAPP 533 0
Mursalim Bin Tanjul IND 642 0
Datu Abdul Razak Bin Datu Abdul Salam PKR 1,054 0
Datu Mohd Arifin Bin Datu Abdul Salam STAR 479 0
MalayChineseIndianBumiputera (Sabah)Others
5.87 %0.2 %0.02 %72.28 %21.63 %
Voters Turnout Spoilt
N1 - BANGGI 8,187 4,869 (62.4%) 232
Name Party Votes Majority
Martin Lantop BERSEKUTU 87 0
Abdul Mijul Unani UMNO 3,351 2,024
Kusugan Ali IND 70 0
Usmun Uyuh IND 34 0
Mursalin Tanjol PKR 1,327 0
Voters Turnout Spoilt
N1 - BANGGI 7,815 4,559 (61%) 205
Name Party Votes Majority
Amir Kahar Mustapha UMNO 2,372 392
Mursalin Tanjol IND 1,980 0
Muslimin Arip PKR 207 0
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